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Every year a new electronic comes out better than the previous release. Mobile phones are a hot commodity right now and every one, of course wants to keep up with the latest trends. That can be pretty costly to do when each new phone starts at about three hundred pounds. Before you know it you will have a chest drawer filled with used phones that are just taking up space. Got an old phone? see how much you can get for it.

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Animation in live Action means integrating real life characters with animated characters. It started way back in 1940 during the black & White era where Disney movies had not even taken shape. Gertie the Dinosaur' was a first movie made where live action & animation were used in collaboration. This was the silent film era. Disney also started this concept way before Mickey Mouse was born with animated short cartoons known as Alice comedies'.

Disney has then on tried to incorporate animation in live action in various movies using Donald duck. Space Jam was a classic example of a live action animated movie. It incorporated live characters like Michael along with all the Looney toons characters and Michael going down the hole into the Toonland was a sight to see.

Roger Rabbit was one movie that broke all records when it came to animation in live action. None of the movies like Space Jam, Cool world, Looney Toons: back in action could break the record of Roger Rabbit.

Animation in the earlier days was integrated with live action in a variety of ways. Double printing 2 negatives on the same release print. Optical printers or aerial image animation cameras which enable more precise positioning and better incorporation of actors and animated characters.

Animating in live action is not an easy job. It's not easy to incorporate real people and animated characters together and make it look like its really existing. The recent example of it would be Alice in Wonderland' where animals like rabbit, caterpillars , butterflies were put into movement and were co-existing with humans and interacting with them. It is done in a bit more complicated manner. For example, when a person shoots a ball and it has to fall somewhere far and we were to animate that we would have to first shoot a man with the ball and his hand in the air about to shoot it and then we would animate the ball and make it fall wherever it has to and then we would start shooting the real life characters from then on. The biggest challenge is to make it look realistic and that is something which is extremely difficult to do.

Who framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) is another path breaking film where advanced special effects were used to make the film more realistic when it came to interaction between the humans and animated characters. All the other movies that had live action incorporated in animation followed who framed roger rabbit but have not been able to achieve similar success stories. But still with the upgraded technology and features and software's now available along with usage of 2D & 3D animation it makes the movie more realistic.

India is still far fetched when it comes to animation in live action. All the children's film tries and uses animation to the fullest but we are yet to reach the mark where Hollywood is there today. One of the examples of animation in live action in India would be Taare Zameen par.

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