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How does it work? How can SeaTruck do it? Where you can use it?

Construction needed a stable work boat that could go up to the beach; allow men to walk on, and load and transport heavy equipment with easy. Sea Truck had the front loading ramp and stability for the job. And it was tough enough to take any punishment handed out.

The Army wanted to know if the one-ton Sea Truck could push 45 ton bridging sections. Special trials proved that it could, and did. And when not used as tug, Sea Truck can serve as everything from work platforms to combat boats.

The Navy needed a standardized boat that they could order as needed, without changing specs. And it had to be flexible enought to adapt to a wide range of uses. Sea Truck met the requrements: the same boat could transport personnel or stores one day, and recover torpedoes the next.

The London Fire Brigade needed a boat could go upto shore, and care men, fire pumps and equipment. And it had to bee fast. The Thames now has fire engine red Sea Truck on call.

The Port of Hamilton needed an ecology work boat. Sea Truck's shallow draft made it perfect for ollution inspection, surface spraying, and depth sounding. And Sea Truck's even been to college: The University of Southern Florida is using Sea Truck as a marine laboratory.

Just name your work - Sea Truck wiil do it. 

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How can SeaTruck work