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People have a pre-conceived notion that if you want to sell any product online you need to spend money for doing internet marketing. But in reality you can market your product even by not spending in purchasing a domain name or internet space. First question that might strike your mind is how to do it. What are the ways to carry out online marketing of your product without spending money for it? - is the most important question that concerns you.

To start with make free email account with popular mail service providers like Gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc. You can easily create email account with these sites without paying a single penny. This account would be used for all future sales. Prepare reliable and authentic way for receiving money online, for instance PayPal is one such payment getaway. After that comes the stage of informing all your target customers about your products or services. You can create free profile in many forums and advertise through them. Give the product price and PayPal details, people who are interested in your product can contact you via email or personal message. Whenever a customer wants to buy a product, they make online payment and you sent it by courier or parcel.

This entire procedure is manual you can continue using this means until you made enough profits to invest in good automated ways of marketing. Another way is to find some good websites where you can put the list of your products and sell them on a commission basis. Here you don't need to pay any monthly or upfront fees. Websites who charge monthly fees for getting associated with them are also found, but some of them also give free trial before that. Here you can avail the free trial time period, by the time its time duration is over you would get enough money for paying monthly fees. Such websites provide services like handling and storing of files, offering download link to the visitors. Thus you don't need to take tension about administrative problems.

You may use these free ways for marketing, but shift to paid solutions as soon as you gather enough money for it. The primary motive behind it is- if you want to establish your business or company as a brand then you need to have a domain name and hosting account. You can advertise your company's products and services without relying on the third party. For newbie free options might work positively.

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Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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