As mobile phones are monitored by us.. Mobile spy or the right to privacy?.
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World News Radio Electronics: As cell phones monitored by us.

Now technology, which allows any trace anyone with the notion of object is not, which is under surveillance. This only happens in movies. The hero, in search of a terrorist or a victim of abduction, enters the name into the computer. At the onscreen map, which shows the exact location of the facility searches. Positive heroes are sent there to hunt ends.

Heroes are great, but it is not just fiction scriptwriter. Now technology, which allows any trace anyone with the notion of object is not that is under surveillance. She podkralas almost imperceptibly, and the center of the technology Big Brother, accessible to all, a simple device such as our cell phones.

Recently there have been new and completely legal services, which can take just a penny. They allow for a period of five seconds to determine where the man, with an accuracy of 50 meters.

A simple text message or call the operator of a spouse or something bad head - and the new 'spy services' are sent to find. Another call or visit a special website - and you know where to find the one you are looking for.

Technology improved. It is expected that soon will appear satellite system, which can narrow the search to the radius of five meters.

Companies offering telephone surveillance, in other words - services on the location, not slowed state that are subject to strict rules preventing abuse. Before spying on the phone, it sends a message, and he must answer message confirming the agreement. But that may prevent a suspicious spouse "borrow" phone for a few seconds needed to put him under surveillance?

The technology has caused outrage among defenders of the right to privacy

In Britain, after the test with the leading operator, journalists Daily Mirror found that the entire procedure takes 30 seconds. It is anticipated that phone, put under surveillance, the owner regularly sends messages, warning that it was followed. But for eight days, phones registered journalists at the Followus, such messages never sent.

The only reliable way to avoid surveillance - is to disable the phone, but he did not give absolute guarantees. For example, if you have three hours on the phone is switched off at the local golf club, your chief will be quite a clear idea of where you are, because tracking company registered its last location.In addition, nothing prevents a device manufacturer to equip phones, which is not switched off even after a user has disabled the phone.

In Britain, the technology has caused outrage among defenders of the right to privacy. Barry Hagill of a human rights organization called the Liberty services on the location "the strongest blow to privacy." Liberty has proposed a major operator of cellular communication companies Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2, to meet and discuss problems associated with spying for the phones.

In fact, there has long surveillance technology, but the new instruction EU, adopted last summer, allows you to sell information on the whereabouts of specialized providers.

Trade union leaders, parliamentarians and even experts on interpersonal relations are very concerned about this change of legislation.

Children's charities fear that izvraschentsam will easily get the children consent to surveillance and to hide information about themselves, using stolen credit cards.

Denise Knowles of Relate organization noted that the surveillance allows jealous partners and former partners harm.

Some legislators have acknowledged that they are concerned about the services on the location, but are afraid to say so openly, not wishing to look like defenders of the rights of spouses and infidels truants.

"Certainly, it looks as if every citizen of our country, prosnuvshis one morning, found that it is the perpetrator, vzhivili electronic chip - one of the parliamentarians said. - Of course, employers are entitled to honest work, and the wife and Husbands should not deceive each other. No, it does not follow that all of society should be penetrated by mistrust and suspicion. "

Telephone operators have shown ingenuity, offering variations on the basic service. The system, which the company sells Carphone Warehouse, automatically sends a warning when the phone is outside the defined zone.

It is designed for parents worry for their children, but the wife exactly the same can receive alerts when her husband was in an area where he is, in her suspicion, meets another woman.

Another cause for concern is that hackers easily cope with the security procedures of tracking companies. According to Barry Hagilla, students from Glasgow hacked a system for tracking the phones in just 20 minutes. There is a risk that a hacker could monitor any phone number, and none of this did not know.

Ample opportunities for abuse of the system provides in the countries where special services do not bothered to obtaining permission to track.

Representatives of the telephone industry will be happy to talk about the convenience of telephone surveillance. Parents can use it to know that the child is not at risk. According to adolescents whose parents monitor their phones, it poisons their lives less than permanent parental calls.

For those who urgently need a plumber, for companies seeking their employees, telephone surveillance - this is good. But the greatest changes in the areas of infidelity.

Based on personal experience, Steven Norris, the conservative politician-known for its natural connection, said: "Now, if deliberately leave the phone at home, the wife immediately ask why."

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Mobile spy or the right to privacy?