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Samsung Electronics Company announced the release of the fastest in the world of video, GDDR5, capacity of which is six gigabit per second. .

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At the bar fit a standard 512 megabytes of memory such - 32 chips to 16 megabytes each. Together they can bring capacity up to 24 gigabytes per second.

That memory will be used in graphics cards and eventually replace the current GDDR3. Its energy consumption by 20 per cent lower than that of GDDR3.

Samples graphics chips leading producers received last month. It is expected that mass production will begin GDDR5 in the first half of 2008. Samsung believes that by 2010 chips GDDR5 will become de facto standard and will be used in most graphics cards.

It is noteworthy that Samsung produces not the first GDDR5. In mid-November, the company submitted a similar video memory Hynix, but the capacity of its samples is 5 gigabit per second.

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