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The transfer of solar energy via satellite.

Americans will test technology transformation of solar energy via satellite to Earth on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. The project will be implemented in one of the uninhabited islands in the State of Palau in the Pacific Ocean. This project was announced at the UN conference on climate change in Indonesia. The total value of the experiment could reach 1 billion dollars.

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At one of the islands of Palau States planned to deploy receiving antenna with a diameter of about 80 meters. The satellite, in orbit height of the person making no more than 500 km, will transfer energy in the form of microwaves. The antenna, in turn, will transform it into direct current and pass on. Presumably plant capacity will be about one megawatts. The main objective of the project - verify if this method of obtaining electricity from solar power is safe and efektiven in practice. It is for security reasons to implement a project on solar energy predache satellite chosen an uninhabited island.

Worldwide, developments in the field of transforming solar power into electricity are very rapidly in a variety of ways. This was primarily due to the fact that solar energy is considered one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. In addition, increases in the price of hydrocarbon fuels and the reduction of its reserves, led to efforts in the search for new renewable energy technologies. Currently, the main way to obtain solar energy are solar panels (semiconductor devices, transform solar energy directly into electricity), gelioelektrostantsii and solar collectors.

In this case, photovoltaic elements will be placed directly by satellite. They will make solar energy more effective than any similar device ground. It has been estimated that the processing of solar energy in the atmosphere is lost about 85% of the solar energy that could be used. The satellite will fly over the island in the Pacific Ocean every half hour, the duration of the transfer of power will be about five minutes.

Since the end of this experiment means of converting solar power can be in elekroenergiyu NOTE an industrial scale.

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