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2*140hp Mercury outboard motors

Two engines to give you maximum power with minimum weight for height speed performance and heavy load carrying - allows quick removal of power units and a spare engine with plenty of power on its own.

1*170hp Volvo Penta inboard sterndrive

A real workhorse: you get inboard relibility with outboard manoeuverability, plus power and economy, and easy on-site servicing.

1*215hp Mercury/Jacuzzi jet

Here's medium speed-manoeuverability essential for shallow or debris-laden waters and careless handling won't damage it.

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1*106hp Volvo Penta sterndrive

If you want power, relibility, safety, and a waterproof engine - this is it.

1*50hp Perkins sterndrive

For maximum economy.

1*175hp Ford/Jacuzzi jet

The best of everything - safe, fast, adaptable, will allow constant operation in shallow or fouled water.

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For unusual applications requring more or less power, various other engine combinations are available. For more information, consult your Rotork Sea Truck dealer. 

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