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  • Locker seats - Combination 3 person seats with 4 cubic feet of locker space.
  • Awning - Folding pramhood design in PVC coated nylon tarpaulin fabric fitted over aluminium frames, specifically made for hot climates.
  • Crane - A pair of sheer legs that can be mounted by one man on the threshold of the boat; the angle of the legs and the crane swiwel hook are operated by winches.
  • Navigation lights - Port/starboard lights and stern riding light. Complete with slide lock fuse and switch with connections to battery.
  • Cabins - Moulded glassfibre sections with woven roving laminations. The sections nest in the hull during shipment ready for assembly on site; as they are modular it is possible to both change their position and order more modules as requred.
  • Additional - Additional features.


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